Moonlight - purelly brightness over the time!

Hellas Collection

HELLAS - Uniqueness in details

      What can charm more than an explosion of fantasy in a non-standard mix of rustic, Bavarian, boho style with elements of folklore?

      The borders are erased! Being in a single style is no longer fashionable. On the contrary, it is important to combine gracefully the different directions in one creation, that Hellas Collection gives in each wedding dress. The collection shows: the natural fabrics should be present not only in casual clothes but also in elegant gowns. On the wedding day, the bride will be not only beautiful but also in a comfortable dress, which will emphasize the gracefulness of movements and ease of behavior.

      Elements of handmade in dresses are creativity in details made of pearls, microcrystals, and stones of Swarovski, which are shimmering by the royal shine in the daylight and artificial light.

      When choosing Hellas, you get more than a wedding dress. The collection tells about love for art, about the uniqueness which can be found in every style.

Flower Magic

FLOWER MAGIC - beauty in naturalness

      We invite you to a wonderful world of magic, where there are magnificent, most refined creations for the beautiful half of humanity.

      The "Flower Magic" collection is an ideal of a tenderness in every wedding dress. What can the bride paint more than the original floral elements based on flowing, light fabrics? This high flight of fantasy and, at the same time, a landed temptation, worthy of the goddess of Venus, lives in every woman!

      The unusual melange of bright flowers of wedding dresses is a leitmotif of the collection and its main feature. Each wedding dress of the collection will further emphasize the natural beauty of a bride. Beauty in naturalness, worthy of the queen.

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